What Is The Satta Gali?

There are three aspects of Satta Gali that need explanation. The first aspect is ritual. Ritual is always a part of our lives, and nowhere is this more true than in the world of Satta Gali. ritual involves meditation, prayer, the taking on of different ritualistic activities, and of course, reflection.

This is why Satta Gali can be said to be the “Ritual Mind”. It is a powerful tool for activating and utilizing your mind’s power. Because of its very nature as a tool, you can use Satta Gali to reach greater heights and accomplish far more in life. You may wonder how this can be possible. The answer comes in the third aspect of Satta Gali.

The third aspect is reflection. Through the act of reflection, we come to recognize ourselves and the world around us. Reflecting also allows us to see our shortcomings. While we may not like them, we are bound to make mistakes. We learn to be honest with ourselves about those mistakes. That is why it is important to have Satta Gali.

The satta portion of the ritual always begins by walking in a room lit with bright incense smoke from a large incense stick. We then take three steps forward, pausing three times as we go. At the end of the three steps we pause, bow our heads, and repeat a phrase. This is followed by a short spoken contemplation, during which we note what was said, who said it, and what the effect of the ritual was. We then repeat the process, pausing three times, and walk forward in the same manner.

Having done this, we then sit in front of a mirror and reflect upon our bodies. The reflection we see will enable us to realize shortcomings and to accept them as a part of life. When this is done, we return to the satta portion of the ritual, where we repeat the incantation, and again bow our heads, this time at the crown of our head.

In conclusion, the data is a significant aspect of most Tantric rituals. While in reality the overall purpose of these rituals is to join the divine light with the devotee, in the actual ceremony of satta, the state plays a more substantial role. It allows us to overcome shortcomings and learn to be humble. In turn, this enables us to turn the tables on our enemies and to become the strong shields our nation’s need. In my next article, I will discuss what tantra satta is and how it applies to the practice of modern Tantra.